Mechanical Heat Meter

Mechanical Heat Meter

The mechanical heatmeter determines the velocity of the fluid by passing it over a tribune; It has a measurement and calculation system that calculates the volume of the fluid depending on the turbine speed. The mechanical heatmeter is a heatmeter with a wheel system that measures the amount of water passing through it volumetrically. The usage areas of mechanical heatmeter devices are realized especially in buildings with central heating. The main reason why it is preferred here is that mechanical heatmeter devices are durable.


Technicial Specifications

Calculation Unit Technical Data
Working Temperature Range 1°C - 105°C
Measurement Temperature Difference 3K - 90K
Working Ambient Temperature 5°C - 55°C
Min. Consumption Calculation Difference 2°C
Heat dissolution 0,01°C
Measuring frequency Dynamic measurement 4 - 60 second
Screen LCD-8 digits and special characters
Energy Unit kWh (optionally MWh)
Interfaces M-Bus
Power source 3.6V Lithium Battery
Sensor Type and Length PT 1000
Sensor Diameters 5,0 mm ve 5,2 mm
Sensor Cable Length 1,5 meter
Pulse Cable Length 1 meter
Protection Class IP 65
Measurement Class MID Class 2
Approvals MID ve CE
  • The raw materials used are of the highest quality.

  • It is produced on a special durable plastic body structure.

  • The tribune tip, which can preserve its caliber values for a long time, has a special coating.

  • The calculator unit has IP65 Protection class.

  • It is not affected by dust, moisture and water.

  • With its brass body structure, it has been specially designed to withstand high pressure in your installation and to make the least pressure loss.

  • It is made of special composite material resistant to high temperatures and has the feature of preventing soot and rust and preventing clogging.

  • It is not like calorimeters made of commercially available water meter indoor units.

  • It has high sensitivity with its tribune structure that enables linear measurement.

  • It is easy to use with its ONE TOUCH EASY feature.

  • It gives you exactly what you are looking for. With its wide screen structure, it has icons that provide easy reading from all directions and make it easier to read.

  • Thanks to the Advanced Calculator unit, the user can easily take the meter and read it. With its Real Time Clock Feature, you can observe your monthly consumption as date and time for 12 months retrospectively.

  • Thanks to the detachable type calculation unit and spiral connection cable, it allows the calculation unit to be mounted in a different place in difficult mounting conditions, saving space and making the screen visible.

  • It is fully compatible with International Meter Reading Protocols and works in harmony with meter reading systems and smart apartment automation systems.