Heat Meter

Polimeter Heat Meter

It works on the principle of ultrasonic flowmeter and mechanical flowmeter. Sound signals upstream and downstream of the water by sending the times here precisely in pico The flow rate of the water is measured in seconds. is calculated. Application of this modern heatmeter technology Thanks to this, the measurements are precise and reliable. It can work stably for more than years. Hybrid heatmeter heating and cooling in the same line It is used in systems where it can be done via The heatmeter can calculate the heating and cooling energy consumption separately. Polimeter heatmeters have a hybrid structure. Polimeter heatmeter devices measure without the risk of clogging with the ultrasonic measuring principle. Contact us if you want to get the most suitable heatmeter for you. You can contact us for your Polimeter heatmeter needs. For the most suitable heatmeter prices and an efficient heating, it will be enough to reach FNF Teknoloji Polimeter.