Some of the founders of our company have been in the mechanical installation sector since 1950 and continue their activities in the fields of purchasing-selling, plan-project and mechanical contracting for the sector. Our other founders are within the body of Erciyes University Technopark since 1996; manufactures optical readers and provides solutions with software that supports these systems. As a result of developing technology and emerging needs, our company has brought together the mechanical and electronic sectors and started to offer its products to its customers by developing calorimeter, water meter and remote reading systems since 2014.


Customer Focus: The way to grow and develop every day is to maximize customer satisfaction. For this, we must establish close relations with our customers, understand them well, and show that we are by their side by finding solutions to minor problems that may arise.


  • To meet the demands and expectations of customers at the highest level by improving our product and service quality with innovative approaches. To offer accessible products to the market for all segments by providing a balance between quality and price. To contribute to the country's economy by having a say in the international market. To add value to life by developing nature-friendly smart meters for energy efficiency.
  • To be the leader of the sector with a dynamic team spirit by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, in the light of technological developments, by developing domestic and national products without sacrificing quality.


To do things right and on time, without compromising the understanding of quality, in order to ensure the continuity of the company reputation gained with great efforts and to bring it to a higher level. To work harder in order to be a company that is always sought everywhere and preferred, to identify the needs and expectations of the employer and customer in a timely manner and to meet them.

To follow scientific and technological developments in order to increase the quality level. To ensure the continuous improvement of the quality level by ensuring that the working personnel and suppliers receive the training they will need in learning professional innovations.

To give importance to teamwork in order to increase quality, productivity and profitability. To ensure that the individuals in the organization are aware of their duties and responsibilities in order to bring the quality level to the highest level in the corporate structure of the company and in the operation of the works. To keep the quality levels of the sub-teams (suppliers) working with, to supervise these companies and to ensure their participation in team work.

To accept as a company quality principle that correct, efficient, profitable ideas are created by knowledgeable and experienced brain power. In this direction, to bring qualified people to the company. Recruiting personnel suitable for their qualifications within the corporate structure, not a job according to the personnel. To employ new personnel in a master-apprentice relationship alongside experienced, professional, qualified personnel. To give the authority and responsibility within the organization to the personnel who have completed the apprenticeship training.

Since its establishment, our company has adopted the principle of being beneficial to the state and ensuring that the benefit of the country is at the highest level as well as the profitability of the company in state affairs. To ensure that all units within the corporate structure continue this principle in domestic affairs. The aim of our company is to ensure the continuous improvement of the profit, efficiency and quality of the company and to be more beneficial to the country; To be a world company that is known in the international arena, sought after, and generates revenue from foreign revenues.

To take measures to minimize the effects on the environment during the planning and execution of the works. To be an exemplary company in leaving a more livable world to future generations by creating an effective environmental awareness.

Giving importance to the health and safety of employees. To work in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations written in all works.